Why the Pink?

Why all the Pink?

As many of you know, for years our company proudly wore black and yellow. That all changed with the passing of our dear friend and fellow BAM colleague, Lousie Cook.

Louise had been with the company since day one, devoting herself to handling all our financials for over a decade. Everyone who knew her knew she ran a tight ship, and when she received the devastating diagnosis of cancer she didn’t let it slow her down. She continued to work through years of radiation and chemo therapy, showing the world her fearlessness and dedication to her job right up until the end. On March 17th 2012, we said goodbye.

Louise’s legacy lives on in the groundwork she laid. She is forever in our hearts, and in honor of her memory, we made the decision to change our company color to PINK in hopes that by sharing her story we can increase cancer awareness. BAM has made financial contributions to cancer research in her name, and we invite you do the same. With your help, and the help of others around the world, we may one day find a cure.

Want to make a difference? Donate to the American Cancer Society Today.

Louise Cook 770-BAM-Tree employee on the right standing next to her sister

Louise Cook

Louise Cook (on the right) standing next to her sister, Tammy (left).