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Emergency Tree Services in Atlanta

When high winds and overly saturated soil combine, tree failure is inevitable, even in healthy trees. BAM Sales, Inc. knows emergencies can happen at any time. That’s why it’s important for you to find a Tree Service Company that is dedicated to being on-call with our emergency tree service hotline, ready to mobilize anywhere in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Don’t be caught unprepared. Learn what to do in an emergency and how to prevent tree storm damage with our frequently asked questions about our emergency tree service providers.

Emergency Tree Removal FAQ

We handle all kinds of tree storm damage including tornados, hurricanes, wind damage, ice storms, lightning strikes, and more. For emergency tree removal status, the situation usually meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • the tree has fallen on a house or car
  • the tree is blocking access to someone trapped inside
  • the tree has fallen on or near a powerline
  • you smell gas anywhere near the tree
  • the tree is blocking access to the house or street

If you’re not sure if your situation constitutes and emergency call our hotline and we’ll determine whether or not we need to come right away or if it’s possible to wait until morning to send our crew out. Sometimes it’s not safe for us to deploy right away, but we will get there as soon as we are able.

When a tree falls on your home, the most important thing to do is get to safety. Trees often bring down powerlines with them which can result in electric shock or fire. Get yourself and your family out of the house, and watch for powerlines. Sometimes a downed wire can still function, but it still poses a serious danger. Shut off the power to your house at the breaker box if you can. If you smell smoke or natural gas, skip this step and get off the property immediately. While gas lines are usually protected underground, uprooted trees can sever the lines occasionally, causing gas leaks. Call 911 and let the fire department know if you have downed powerlines,  smell smoke or see a fire, or suspect a gas leak. Once it’s safe for you to do so, call BAM’s emergency hotline at 770-292-1998. And be sure to follow our emergency checklist!

If a tree falls on your property because of a storm or accident homeowners’ insurance will usually cover it, but not always. As long as the tree was in good health before it fell, your insurance should cover the claim. However, if they determine that the incident was preventable due to neglect on your part, they won’t. Be sure to regularly prune your trees and remove dead or diseased trees to avoid any issues down the road.

If a neighbors tree falls on your property, your neighbor’s insurance will be liable. If for any reason they are not covered, your insurance should handle the claim on your behalf.

Simply having “tree removal” coverage does not mean you can have any tree removed. If the tree does NOT fall on your house or car and does not cause any damage, you’ll need to pay for the removal out of pocket. Similarly, if the tree is healthy and has not been uprooted, they won’t cover removal either.

Regular pruning and maintaining your trees will give them the best chance of withstanding storms. Diseased, dead, or decaying trees are prone to falls and must be removed as soon as possible to prevent harm to people and surrounding property. Good pruning practices are also vital to preventing tree failure. When removing branches, be sure not to disrupt the natural distribution of weight. Trees with heavy branches on one side are more apt to break or fall.

Ready to give BAM Sales, Inc. a try? Call 770-226-8733 any time day or night, and our crew will schedule someone to visit your property as soon as possible, or visit our contact page to request a quote online.

BAM Sales, Inc: Your Atlanta Emergency Tree Service Resource

If you have a tree emergency in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, stay calm, get to safety, and call 911. Call our emergency hotline at 770-226-8733 as soon as possible. We’re ready and standing by to dispatch at any time.

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