Four Ways to Celebrate National Arbor Day

Arbor day is nearly here, a day when we all come together to appreciate trees and the amazing impact they have on the environment. Not sure how to celebrate? Here are four ways to help you make the best of National Arbor Day in 2021.

What is Arbor Day?

In 1872, the editor of a small town Nebraskan newspaper wanted to share his love of trees with the world. He suggested a day be set aside to encourage the community to plant trees, and thus Arbor Day was born. In 1970, Arbor day became a national holiday, falling on the last Friday of every April. Since then, observance of the holiday has spread, with large-scale tree-planting events and fun festivities occurring across the globe. Though COVID has prevented communities from gathering together, we can still celebrate with these fun ideas:

Four Ways to Celebrate National Arbor Day

1. Plant a Tree

There’s no better way to celebrate Arbor day than to plant a tree, and spring is the perfect time to do it. Be sure to find one suitable for your growing zone and check out these handy tree planting tips from arborday.org.

2. Take A Photo

Can’t plant a tree yourself? Post a picture of your favorite tree on social media with the hashtag #ArborDay between now and the end of the week and celebratearborday.com will plant a tree on your behalf. Be sure to tag them!

3. Go Camping

Arbor day isn’t just about planting. It’s also about appreciating the trees around us. Take your family on a fun outdoor excursion and see if you can identify some of the trees in our area. Turn the outing into a game of “I Spy” with the website, Common Trees in Georgia and How to Spot Them.

4. Tree Activities

Have young kids? There are plenty of tree-related activities  to do online as well as great educational resources at Carly’s Kids Corner. Want more? Get creative and make your own tree crafts at home.

How will You Celebrate National Arbor Day?

Have more ideas? Share your Arbor Day plans below. Need help getting your trees ready for spring? Contact BAM for a free consultation or call 770-226-8733 today.